Don’t Let Foreclosure Lead to the Loss of Your Pet

With the high rate of foreclosures in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas we are seeing a higher incidence of pets coming into the area shelters.  More disturbing are the reports of pets being left in the homes and backyards of foreclosed homes once the family leaves.  Sadly the people are coming face to face with starving, dehydrated, and sometimes dead animals are realtors.  I know those of you who are dedicated pet lovers can in no way imagine leaving your pet to struggle, be distressed, starve and possible die.  However as unimaginable as it maybe there are many pet owners doing this exact thing.

If you know someone who may do this here are some ideas on how to not go down that path.

The most immportant thing to always keep in mind is to be RESPONSIBLE and HUMANE and to not BREAK THE LAW with your actions.

Prepare yourslef by looking for a rental place that accepts pets.  If a rental place  does not state that they are pet friendly simply ask they may go on a case to case basis. 

See if you can you get a recommendation from a previous landlord where you lived with your pets. 

Visit websites that tell you where to find pet friendly rentals.

Ask a family member or friend if they can foster your pet until you find a suitable rental place.

If you feel that you no other option but to give up your pet please take your pet to a no kill shelter or rescue like the Best Friends Animal Society.  If you have a full bred dog you can contact a breed specific rescue in your area.

At all costs DO NOT leave your pets…they cannot survive.

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