Vegas Rock Dog TM Signature Spade Logo

Vegas Rock Dog rock ‘n’ roll clothing for hip dogs and humans.  Literally no frills… our cool line of clothing is the puppy of Sam and Jim Ratcliffe-D’Arrigo whose love of Las Vegas, music and dogs inspired what is now to be the must have piece of designer clothing for those who consider themselves hip. They wanted to dress their dog Galaxy in something other than frills and bling and after shopping without much success they decided to start their own line of clothing for dogs. The plan was to sell to dogs of all sizes from teeny tiny ones all the way up to 200lbs yet everyone who saw their logo wanted to wear it themselves and thus the human aspect of the business was added. Their clientele is an eclectic mix of celebrities, Hells Angels, a great deal of musicians, a few grannies, and the hip Las Vegan.  They knew they had a great concept and were surprised by the excitement that the line generated after they were featured in the Emmy Awards gift bag and the Billboard Music Awards.

Vegas Rock Dog TM  or VRD as know to the insider has big plans to expand and become the new style monika of dog clothing with many new designs about to hit the horizon.  Don’t be left out of their fashion pack, visit http://www.vegasrockdog.com and shop the VRD way.




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