Showing A lifetime Of Love

Showing A Lifetime Of Love

We show our love for our pets in many ways, giving them thousands of kisses and cuddles, cute gifts, home baked treats, and endless walks. One thing I do know is that I couldn’t fully express how much I love my dogs because my love for them is immeasurable. It’s a big love that fills my heart to the brim and then some. Our pets make an imprint on our hearts that we can’t see yet it stays with us for a lifetime, and many pet parents want to show that imprint of love by getting a tattoo as a tribute to their pet. Often pet parents get a tattoo after their pet makes a journey over the Rainbow Bridge and now I’m seeing an increase in tattoos devoted to living pets. Pets come into our lives and affect us in a profound way and that can mean getting through tough times or learning to love.  A tattoo is one way of showing forever love and gratitude to those that steal our hearts. I asked friends of mine to show me their tattoos and this is what they shared with me.



 Brandy Noel and Dexter

Brandy Noel and Dexter


Churchill’s A number from Lied shelter where he didn’t have a name. Then 13 – his heart pressure rate when his heart condition magically disappeared.

Tribute to Danny Max a German shepherd. It says

Tribute to Danny Max a German shepherd. It says, “fur immer geliebt”…meaning forever loved in German.






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