Nothing to Weim About…Checkout the Amazing Las Vegas Weimeraner Rescue & Club

Lady Sedona Jocelyn Arter\'s Bed Hog

If you are looking to adopt a Weimaraner in the Las Vegas area you will find yourself in luck.  You will have the great fortune of working with Jocelyn Arter of the Las Vegas Weimaraner Rescue and Club.  Her passion for these beautiful grey ghosts is immeasurable. Jocelyn’s goal is to find the perfect home for the abandoned Weims and we mean the perfect home. The application has thirty two questions for the applicant to answer and from these answers Jocelyn can determine if the individual or family is a suitable match for the dog.  It’s not just about finding a home the rescue rehabilitates the dogs too.  As with all rescues donations are what keeps them on their feet and the rescue has shown to very creative with their fund raising.  They are ever present at all the pet events in town, they sell great merchandise and hold their own events. October they will be holding their 2008 Weim and Wine event, last years event was an elegant one with entertainment, food and drinks all to benefit the rescue.   If you have a love of dogs this would be a worthy rescue to donate to. If you adopt a Weimaraner or you currently own one you can join their club and have the support of other Weim owners and enjoy the meetings and member benefits.  There are other ways to be involved with this great organization and that is to foster a Weim or volunteer at the many events that they attend.  If you are thinking of donating your time or donating money to a rescue I recommend the Las Vegas Weimaraner Rescue and Club, they perform nothing but miracles for these dogs finding them forever homes and bring joy and happiness to their owners.  Visit them today and see why they are rated as an amazing organization.


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