They Invited Me Back!! Co-hosting The Will Edwards Show

The Will Edwards show is the only late night TV talk show in Las Vegas. I was invited back to guest cohost once again of which I was honoured to do so.
I love, love, love being on the show as the atmosphere on set is very exciting. The director and crew are great and this dedicated group have taken the show into it’s fourth season.

Each show features interviews and performances. There’s always a variety of guests gracing Will’s couch such as hypnotists, Vegas headliners, relationship experts, and authors.

The Will Edwards show is an avenue for musical artists to showcase their talents of which the musical performances are very popular.

You can catch me on the new season this week late night Thursday (1am Friday) With special guest Kevin Lepine, music by Molodi, and so much more. Only on MY LVTV Cox Channel 12/Direct TV Channel 21. #vegas

To learn more about the Will Edwards Show pop on over to his site or give him a big hello over on Twitter





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