Rockin 4 Rescues On #GivingTuesday

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Would you be willing to give a
donation to Rockin 4 Rescues?
We’d be so thankful for your support.

Every dollar makes a difference.

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Pam Webb, founder of Rockin 4 Rescues a 501c3 organisation.
Pam is my friend and I’m one of her board members. What Pam and I do is, keep rescues funded. We host fundraising events for animal rescue, alleviating their financial burden. This is a time of year when animal rescues have a tough time keeping afloat, and we are there to help them.
Please visit

                 and click donate.

We thank you for your kindness.

Rockin 4 Rescues
Today is #givingtuesday, an international day to give as the holiday season begins. We’re pleased to be a part of #givingtuesday, raising money and awareness for animal rescue.

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