The Poo Show

The Poo Show

The Poo Show is this Saturday. Everything you need to know about your pet’s poo. Not the nicest of topics but someone has to do it. Join me Saturday July 4th 10am PDT on Vegas Rock Dog Radio.


5 thoughts on “The Poo Show

  1. I look forward to tuning in on Saturday to the Poo show. Pet waste is a topic of interest to myself as a staff member of Pookt Pet Waste Solutions. We are Canadian company that recycles pet waste and the associated plastics.


      • Thanks for the reply! I pronounce the company name Pook with a (t) at the end, however some people (including members of our team) treat the (k) as silent. We have all sorts of ideas on how our product can be used in the future (in garden decor such as fountains and lawn ornaments). For now we are creating paving slabs that can be used on pathways, playgrounds and garages. By eliminating the harmful bacteria and toxins we are left with a reusable product. It blows my mind how big of a problem pet waste is becoming, and the amount of poo and plastic that ends up in landfills. Where I am in BC we have a wonderful organic collection program, but dog waste and kitty litter is prohibited by the service.


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