Tour Passes…So Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby 

This week I’m preparing for our trip to Blogpaws in our former hometown of Nashville. James and I lived there for five years. It is a great city and for a musician like my husband it was a joy for us to live there. Nashville truly is music city offering all genres of music and entertainment. 

A trip to Blogpaws is certainly exciting and catching up with our Nashville crew makes it all the better. We’ll be networking with 500 plus animal loving attendees. It’s easy to get lost in the copious amounts of business cards exchanged during any conference and terribly important to stand out. Creating something different and in keeping with our company culture was on my mind. On went my thinking cap and the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs Tour Passes was born. It’s oh so glam rock!  The tour pass info is simple and hangs on a rhinestone lanyard, it features our three businesses Vegas Rock Dog™ merchandise, The Rock ‘n Roll Dog© blog, and my radio show Vegas Rock Dog Radio©

Will you be making the journey to Nashville to attend the conference? If you are I hope I get to meet you in person and put one of the sexy tour passes around your neck. Let me know if you’ll be there so we can rock out together! \m/    


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