Something Just For You ~ The Honest Kitchen

thk1 thk2
The Honest Kitchen is my preferred pet food for Galaxy, Thornton, and Mr Twix. It truly is the one food that they flip out over. When I’m preparing their food my husband will ask what it is that I’m cooking because it smells so delicious. I feed my furbabies the Embark cage free turkey, that is grain free, and dehydrated. You simply add warm water and once the water is stirred in you would think there was a gourmet stew on the stove. It honestly smells that good. This recipe is healthy, packed with nutrients, and free of by products and that’s good news. In fact there’s more good news, I’m sharing with you a special offer for 50% off a 2lb box! It’s a great way to try The Honest Kitchen food without breaking the bank. All you need to do is click HERE and you will be provided your own promo code to enter in at checkout on The Honest Kitchen site. The Honest Kitchen also carries a line for our kitty cat friends so take advantage of this great offer. Your furbabies will be glad you did.



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