Instant Replay Vegas Rock Dog Radio ~ Rabbits, Bunnies, Bun Buns, and Wabbits What You Need To Know

Rabbit, bunnies, bun buns, and wabbits all very cute nicknames for rabbits but this time of year is a sad one for them. With Easter around the corner and cute images of rabbits everywhere they’re are bought as gifts and then dumped in rescues all over the country. Johna Mennone of the Las Vegas House Rabbit Society provided me with a very important message and facts about rabbits. So if you’re thinking of getting a rabbit listen to the show and get some great info on rabbit ownership. Also on this show my special guest cohost is James D’Arrigo, musician, producer, and President of Vegas Rock Dog. I learned something very new about him after twenty years of marriage. Enjoy the show.

Click here to listen to this episode of Vegas Rock Dog Radio.

house rabbit

Sam and James D'Arrigo


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