How To Clean Those Teefs, Chompers, Gnashers, Chicklets, and Grills.

February was National #petdentalmonth. My friend Carol Bryant is a dog lover of the highest order and author of the popular Fidose of Reality blog. Last month she shared a fantastic article on how to clean your pet’s teeth. I loved the article so much that I shared her tips on my radio show. I know there are some of you reading this right now who are saying “yeah right” because cleaning your pet’s teeth isn’t the most fun or easiest of things to do. Some pets they don’t even want you near them with a toothbrush. This is where Carol’s tips are going to make the world of difference in your pet accepting and being comfortable with a daily oral care routine. To listen to the show and get these great tips from Carol Bryant click here. I am confident that you will walk away with an easier and more efficient way of cleaning your pet’s gnashers.

bryant 1

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