Today Is A Very Special Day

Mr TwixyOne year ago today we were called upon by a neighbour to catch a dog who had been living in the desert for months and months. After six hours running around in high heels no less we caught this poor dog who was scared, filthy, and matted. He had nails like talons, infected ears full of blood, worms, and was covered in poo. I fell in love with him from the very moment he laid next to me and fell asleep. I gave him the temporary name of Mr Twix…who was I kidding he was going to be my forever Mr Twix. My husband and I knew we were going to keep him but decided to get him well and make a big announcement on our anniversary which happens to be on Valentine’s Day.


As I write this post he is as happy as a dog could ever be. Mr Twix has the most beautiful face and the longest eyelashes in Las Vegas for sure. His two big sisters Galaxy and Thornton keep him on his toes, and at this very moment he’s dragging my pajamas in and out of the house.

Mr Twix PJS

If I’m ever missing anything I know to look outside on my patio and it will surely be there. It’s been a wonderful year of seeing this scared dog who never slept a wink become this funny, sweet dog who loves to kiss and be in bed with us. Those transformational moments are so precious and with each one of them we’ve had cause to celebrate. So with that said today is a big big day and we get to celebrate his beautiful life and if you ever come across a pet in need look beyond the matted and smelly hair…there could be a Mr Twix ready to steal your heart.


Watch our Valentine’s Day announcement.


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