Goodbye Godaddy

In the light that Go Daddy put out a Super Bowl ad showing a pup falling out of the back of a truck, and struggling to find it’s way home only to be sold by a breeder who is glad to have the pup back in order to ship it out from a sale on their Go Daddy site…I will be transferring all of my business to another company. It shows poor animal safety and that buying a dog online is ok. It insults the entire animal community from rescues, to good breeders to responsible pet parents.
I reached out to a few companies for my readers who wanted to switch from Go Daddy and Hostgator is offering 50% off new hosting packages simply use their #puppylove promo code. I’d like to hear from you and your thoughts on the ad and the subsequent pulling of it.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye Godaddy

  1. Good for you!! GoDaddy doesn’t deserve any of our business after their callous & insensitive commercial. So glad it’s been pulled & won’t. Budweiser on the other hand has come out w/ a fantastic commercial! I just tweeted about it, praising them & dissing GoDaddy. If you don’t mind, here is my tweet (but feel free to remove it if you prefer not to publish a link in your comments section – I won’t be offended!) The backlash against them will last a long time I think!


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