Not Today Kale…Not Today

I had to laugh this morning when I went to pick up the bowls after everyone had breakfast. Galaxy had picked out some of the kale just as kids pick out the peas from their plates.

My pets are just like me, sometimes it’s a kale day and sometimes it’s not. Kale it was not your day today.
Many pet parents like myself augment their dogs’ meals with fresh fruit and vegetables. Kale is one vegetable that was recommended to me by my veterinarian. It’s nutrient packed with low calories and proven to reduce the risk of cancer. It’s loaded with fiber, calcium, Vitamin A, E and C and helps prevent heart disease and contains essential antioxidants. Kale contains chlorophyll and is wonderful for treating and preventing bad breath. It eliminates odors in the mouth and improves digestion. So as you can see there are many benefits to adding Kale into your dog’s meals. If your pets try it the first time and they don’t like it…it just may be…not today kale not today…just try it again another day.


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