Lose A Pound With Your Hound

Jim 10

Lose a pound with your hound. It’s practically on everyone’s agenda when a new year rolls around. I’m no exception and what I enjoy the most is exercising with my dogs. We’ve all added a little extra poundage over the holidays and that includes our pets too. The easiest way to start losing is to start moving. You’re already walking your dogs so why not amp up your walks? Walk for longer or more frequently and you’ll start to see changes over time. How about adding in some walking lunges, stationary squats, or speed walking? It’s super easy to burn those extra calories all while spending time with your dog.  Do you know what else you can do during your workout? You can help a rescue through your calorie burning efforts by using the Woof Trax app. For every mile you walk they donate to your local rescue. Through the WoofTrax Walk for a Dog mobile app, they create fundraising opportunities for shelters and rescues while encouraging dogs and their humans to exercise together regularly. Time with your dog, calorie burning, and raising funds, what a perfect recipe to keep you on track with your 2015 exercise goals.

Download the app now and lose a pound or two with your hound.


6 thoughts on “Lose A Pound With Your Hound

  1. I’ve been using the WoofTrax app for about 9 months. It’s so easy to use, and knowing that I can help out my favorite rescue group is motivation to walk a little farther…

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