2014 A Tremendous Year

2014 has been a tremendous year for our Vegas Rock Dog family! Here are some memorable moments that we’ll never forget.

Adding Another Chocolate Bar To Our Collection

A lot of people followed our chasing and the saving of Mr Twix. He was living in the desert and had been for quite some months. After many hours of running around in high heels along with my husband and neighbours we finally caught him. Mr Twix was scared, hungry, matted, young, and had worms and ear infections. I sat on the floor in the park and the minute he laid next to me and fell asleep I fell in love with him in an instant. We knew he was going to be part of our family but we kept it a secret until our anniversary on Valentines day and this is how we announced our new baby boy to the world.

Celebrating Year Two Of Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Time certainly flies when you have a pet radio show. This past November I celebrated the second anniversary of Vegas Rock Dog Radio at the Foundation Room. It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting all of my guests who have now become friends. Our common bond is a simple one of loving and helping animals.

VRDR 2nd 1

VRDR 2nd 2

VRDR 2nd 3

VRDR 2nd 4


VRDR 2015

A Life Long Friend 

What can I say about Pam Webb? Well we had our one year friendship anniversary this past November. We were introduced to each other by our mutual friend Kathy the owner of Barking Dogs. Boy was she ever right about us getting on. We have a lot in common and it’s not just our passion for helping animals. Our husbands are rock ‘n’ rollers, we both have a trio of dogs, we both are twins, and we’re both left handed! After a short period of time of becoming fast friends we decided to put our lives on hold for six weeks and create a golf tournament and social event to benefit many organizations in Las Vegas. In that six weeks we hustled for sponsorships and donations, our homes were dirty, our dogs wondered why we were constantly coming and going, we lived out of our cars practically, we wore low cut tops to make sponsorship happen, and our husbands wondered if they should move in to keep each other company…lol. We created Rockin’ The Ruff to help rescues in need and that’s exactly what we did. I want to thank Pam and Eddie for being the greatest friends anyone could ask for…life long friends.


Meeting Dana and Mike Kungl Finally!

Dana and Mike Kungl were my Facebook friends for a long long time. Dana is a foster rescuer and Mike a brilliant artist. A visit to Vegas put the last piece of the puzzle together and that was actually meeting each other. It felt like we’d been friends forever.

Dana Kungl

Mike Dana Kungl

Mike Kungl 1

Jim Lending His Time and Talents To Animal Rescue

My husband Jim D’Arrigo lends his time and talents to charities. One of them was a solo saxophone performance at Murray Sawchuck’s Beggin For Magic animal charity event. Murray and his wife Chloe Crawford have a deep love for animals and helping the ones in need.

Jim LA

Jim Begging for magic
Jim begging for magic 1

Rockin’ The Ruff

Rockin’ The Ruff presented by Vegas Rock Dog and Rockin 4 Rescues was our biggest fundraiser of the year. Pam Webb and myself raised over $10,000 for animal rescue in Las Vegas and Chicago. It was a massive undertaking but worth all of the hard work. Many thanks to all of our sponsors, performers, donors, and attendees.


Red Cross Everyday Hero Southern Nevada

It’s not everyday you win an commendation, particularly if you had no idea you’d been nominated. I was recognized for my dedication to animal welfare by receiving a Red Cross Everyday Hero Southern Nevada Award.


Fox 5 More Show

Appearing on Fox 5 More Show as their Pet Pal Pro is one thing that I LOVE doing every month. I want to thank Fox 5 for allowing me to share information about pet ownership, products, and pet care to their viewers.

Sam Fox 5 2

Happy PSA

If you want to dance your little pants off watch this PSA video.

Meeting My Idol Rick O’Barry

If there ever was a animal advocate that was on my bucket list to meet it had to be Rick O’Barry.  “Ric” O’Barry was first recognized in the 1960s for capturing and training the five dolphins that were used in the well-known TV series Flipper. O’Barry made a radical transition from training dolphins in captivity to assertively combating the captivity industry soon after Kathy, one of the Flipper dolphins, died in his arms. O’Barry contends Kathy committed suicide. In 1970 he founded the Dolphin Project, a group that aims to educate the public about captivity and, where feasible, free captive dolphins. He was featured in the Academy Award-winning film, The Cove (2009), which used covert techniques to expose the yearly dolphin drive hunting that goes on in Taiji, Japan.

Rick oBarry

Blog Paws

Carol Bryant…she is the bomb.com! Twitter friends for years and years and when Blogpaws decided to hold their conference in Las Vegas I almost flipped out. Not only because it was in my backyard but I’d get to meet Carol and the famous Dexter. She was everything and more than I could ever imagine. She’s a leader in the blog world with her ever so popular Fidose of Reality, she’s a valued member of Blogpaws, she’s funny, and she’s nuts about dogs! It’s a friendship made in heaven…she’ll never think I’m that crazy dog lady ever…because she holds that title.


Carol Bryant

Dancing With The Stars

My first career was in the world of dance so it’s only natural that I am a big fan of Dancing With The Stars. My Summer highlight was scoring tickets to the live tapping of the show in LA.  To see the dancers and celebrities have the time of their lives was so much fun. The costumes are even more beautiful in person and seeing all the behind the scenes technical side of the show was a thrill.

Sam Jim DWTS

Will Edwards The Ultimate Host of Hallowiener

My friend and late night tv host Will Edwards of The Will Edwards Show elevated the 10th Annual Hallowiener with his wit and charm. An animal lover himself he graciously offered to host the event. Will had everyone in hysterics and put a smile on their faces. Thank you Will for caring about the animals.

Will Edwards

Robin Welter

I met photographer Robin Welter at Blogpaws and we just hit it off. To say her photography is exquisite is an understatement. After chatting about the upcoming Hallowiener event her eyes lit up. Of course they did…she has wieners of her own! Robin resides in San Fransisco and offered to shoot the Hallowiener event in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue. Is that not amazing?! Take a moment to view her work it’s gorgeous.

Robin Welter 1 Robin Welter

You Say Tomato I Say Tomato…I Still Say Tomato

I became a dual citizen this month, a British and American hybrid. That means I get to toast the New Year in twice…there are some great benefits to this dual citizenship thing.


A New Year

Looking back on the year’s highlights has been absolutely lovely. Jim and I and our chocolate box kids Galaxy, Thornton, and Mr Twix wish you a very healthy and prosperous 2015. The new year will be another busy one as we plan to expand our Vegas Rock Dog company. It will all reveal itself in time. We’d like to thank our family, friends, sponsors, customers, listeners, readers, and viewers for being an important part of our successful year. We’ll see you on the other side of midnight.

Cheers and a happy new year! 

Sam Jim LA






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