Dinner At The Dogs Diner

Last week I popped into Lulu’s Doggy Salon and SpawLulu’s owner Joni is a friend of mine and just as I was leaving she handed me this bag of Bake and Break Kibble Cracker Mix for Dogs by Your Dog’s Diner. This was a new product to me and I promised her I would write a blog post after making this supplemental side-dish for your dog’s meal. As pet parents we want to know exactly what we’re feeding our pets and a list of ingredients that we can recognize is always a plus.  The Bake and Break Kibble Cracker Mix is wheat and gluten free with Garbanzo Bean Flour, Carrots, Coconut, Organic Red Bell Pepper, Organic Flaxseed Meal, Organic Turmeric Powder, and Organic Broccoli Powder.



IMG_7118.JPGAll you need is water or unsalted broth.
IMG_7133.JPGI like to cook with coconut oil so I used it to grease my pyrex dish.

photoPreparation takes only five minutes. Dump the entire package in a bowl and add either two cups of water or unsalted broth.           I chose to add one of each.

IMG_7138.JPGMix the ingredients together until you have a thick mixture.

photo.PNGTake your spatula and spread evenly in your baking dish.

IMG_7145.JPGPop it in the oven for 35 mins at 425 degrees. As it cooks you will see it dry out and crack. For a crunchy cracker leave the pan in the oven to cool over a couple of hours or leave on the counter top for a softer one.

photo 2-2Once it’s cooled you can break it up into pieces and store in an airtight container. The company recommends using the Bake & Break Kibble Cracker Mix as a supplemental side-dish for your dog’s meal.

There’s just something special about preparing food or treats for your pets. I enjoyed baking and my dogs enjoyed eating the crackers.

photo 3-3You can buy the Bake & Break Kibble Cracker Mix from Lulu’s Doggy Salon and Spaw. They’re located in Henderson NV.




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