Winter Warmers ~ My Dogs Drool For Them


Winter Warmers Broths Stalkers

Winter is here…and for me that means wearing great boots and hats, sipping hot cocoa, indulging in delicious soups, and cuddling under the blankets.  Winter pretty much means the same for my dogs, I’m dressing them in cute pajamas, wrapping them in blankets, and letting them slurp away on Winter Warmers Broths.


I received this adorable package from The Honest Kitchen with three very appealing flavors, Chicken Consommé, Beef & Bone & Turkey Stock. Each jar is 5.5oz and at $19.99 for the package of three is very affordable.


They do not contain corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients and they’re very easy to use. Place your desired serving in a bowl, add hot water and wait for it too cool down. Expect your dog or cat to stalk you once they get a smell of the broth. The Winter Warmers Broths I have to admit smell like gourmet soup and by observing how my dogs slurp them down they’re obviously tasty.


My husband and I love to indulge our little furry family, and this holiday season we’re doing it with the Winter Warmers Broths. It’s a beverage treat that’s simply perfect during the cooler months especially after a long chilly walk.  Why not treat your pets to a delicious warm treat or gift your furry friends? I’m sure they’ll love finding them in their stockings.

How does $2.00 off sound? Use this code BGWW14 and take $2.00 off your Winter Warmers Kit…happy holidays!



How about winning a Winter Warmers Kit? It’s easy to enter. This giveaway is launching on several social media platforms so there’s a way for everyone to enter.

Choose one of the options below to enter. Don’t forget to say why you want to win the Winter Warmers Broths Kit.

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Happy holidays!


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