Howloween! Dos and Don’ts

Mr Twix Ladybird

Howloween is a week away and pet parents are planning not only their own Halloween celebrations but their pet’s too. Here’s a quick list of dos and don’t when it comes to Howloween and your pet’s safety.


  • Don’t allow your pets around your Halloween decorations. Chewing on electrical chords and fake cobwebs can be deadly.
  • Don’t answer your door to trick or treaters with your pets. Pets do not need to experience strangers giving a scary trick.
  • Don’t give your pets or allow other people to give your pet treats. I’m talking about the human kind of treat. Chocolate and gum can be deadly.
  • Don’t dress your pets if dressing up is not their thing.
  • Don’t leave your pets unattended in a Halloween costume. Always supervise them to make sure they’re safe in their costume.


  • Do make healthy and safe Halloween treats for your dogs.
  • Do dress your pet warm and comfortable with strangers if you are going at a night to celebrate Halloween.
  • Do use Halloween as an opportunity to make memories with your pet.
  • Do have your vet’s info close at hand should your pets experience an emergency.

An Absolute Must!

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