King Herve

herveThis past week was a sad week for a friend of mine who lost her King Herve very suddenly. Cheryl Prater is a well know rescuer in the Las Vegas community. She is known for her deep devotion to fostering animals and her frequent trips onto the red carpet with King Herve. His passing shocked many of us and we knew that supporting Cheryl at this deeply painful time was important. King Herve had a memorial to honor his beautiful little life and he is paying it forward with a memorial fund that will save other little kings just like him. In Cheryl’s words, “I am taking this severe heartbreak and making a difference for another. The eternal love I will have for Herve and the love I know he had for me will be extended to another animal like him who feels unloved and unwanted. Herve would have wanted me to grieve, but also give back in his name. I want to give more animals a life like Herve where they know that there is hope and a person to love them. No amount is to little. Remember even a little pat on the head of a homeless and abandon animal goes a million miles. Many have asked how you could help me. Help me by keeping Herve’s memory alive and donate so the rescues can continue to save the innocent lives of animals.”

If you have the means to make a donation I thank you and if that is not possible sharing this post would be much appreciated.

RIP King Herve ~ Always in our hearts.

Donation link



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