It’s A Snap To Use


I want to tell you about this new leash called Snap Leash. The company sent me a leash to try out and review…so here it is.

snap leash

Snap Leash is known for the many ways in which you can use it. It comes in blue, black, and red, one 6ft length and two different widths 1″ and 5/8″. First thing I noticed was that is a quality leash that was very sturdy and well made. The two clips one on either end of the leash swivel which is a hallelujah moment. The swivel action prevents you from getting tangled up.


The beauty of this leash is its flexibility, it can make you hands free by attaching it to your waist, shortened for more control, and you can walk two dogs with it. The company tells me you can walk three dogs with it but they haven’t met my three dogs and it would be similar to being in an Iditarod race. I particularly liked the ability to shorten the leash to my desired length by clipping into one of the many grommets. The leash makes for a great tool if you like to run with your dog. Simply attach around your waist and you have the freedom to use your arms as you run.


To see many more Snap Leash options take a look at their video. Snap Leash gets a two paws up from me and Mr Twix who was my model for this review.  It’s an affordable and functional leash that solves a lot of problems.
SnapLeash 8 Uses-page-001


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dog was not paid for this review.


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