Chomp Chomp Yum Yum Chomp Chomp


Before I could open this fantastic treat box from Merrick my three dogs Galaxy, Thornton, and Mr Twix knew there was something yummy inside. They tried to help me open the box…that’s how excited they were.


First of all receiving the box was a surprise as it just showed up in the mail. How fun is that?


The Merrick treat box was chockablock full of treats, a menu, tongs, bags, product info, and cute napkins.


As you can see the packaging is great and the names of the products beyond adorable. I mean what dog doesn’t need a Dental Texas Toothpick and some of Grammy’s Pot Pie Kitchen Bites?


Ingredients are always important to me as a pet parent. To read that the ingredients were not sourced from China was a plus. I read that the treats are free of gluten, grains, sorbic acid, corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, and preservatives.


After reading the information the all important taste test was to see if my dogs would like them. They’d already passed the sniff test and next was the chomp chomp test. It was an overwhelming six paws up. They were gone in seconds!

I’m sure your dog would find a favourite treat within the varieties available. Checkout the Merrick website for additional information about their treats and food.





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