Paws By Your Side

IMG_3966-2.JPG Losing your pet is one of the most painful things you will ever experience in your life. The depth of love you have for your pet equals the depth of pain once they’re gone. How much we love our pets is immeasurable. So how do we cope? Do we even try to cope? Is there something that can help us? Grief takes on many forms and there is no one way of dealing with it. When my first dog Cadbury passed away my way of coping was to go into my shell and stay away from people. I had friends reaching out, all of them animal lovers asking me to come and spend time with them as they understood what I was going through. But the thought of talking about my loss of Cadbury was hard. For others it’s comforting to talk to people who have and are experiencing that same loss. They get together with friends or seek out pet loss support groups. There’s no right way, there’s no wrong way. A while ago I made a guest appearance on the radio show Paws To Talk with Margot Alquist. We became friends through social media and it was earlier this year that I had the good fortune of meeting up with her at the Blog Paws conference.
IMG_3965.JPG We spent time catching up and this is when I found out that Margot created Paws By Your Side ~ How to cope with the loss of your dog in 21 Days. It’s a kit that helps grieving pet parents.

Paws By Your Side is a way of honoring your relationship with your pet and getting onto a path to feeling happier. The Paws By Your Side Kit includes 21 days of soul-soothing and inspirational audio clips containing one healing exercise per day. A corresponding workbook with clear and action-oriented questions to help you heal your heart. A unisex bracelet made with the healing, energy-balancing and protective properties of copper for you and a matching memorial dog tag devoted to Fido that can be used as urn jewelry, added to your new pet’s leash, placed in memoriam on a mantle or added to your bracelet and worn by you!

IMG_3967.JPG If you or someone you know is struggling on how to cope with the loss of a pet consider purchasing the Paws By Your Side kit. To hear more about Paws By Your Side from Margot’s herself listen to her interview with me on Vegas Rock Dog Radio.

Paws to Talk
Margot Ahlquist is the creator of Paws to Talk, which started as an advice blog and has grown into a life coaching business. Margot’s award-winning blog is written in the voices of her two standard poodles Bella and DiDi. Her weekly Paws to Talk podcast is featured in iTunes New and Noteworthy. Margot is also a regular contributor to and a Verified Advice Advisor for Prior to her work on Paws to Talk, Margot worked for over 8 years as a writer, researcher and producer in the Television Industry. Margot has a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications and is a Coach U Core Essentials Graduate. She makes sure to play a good game of fetch everyday.


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