Meet Tommy Vinci ~ Artist, Musician, Friend, and Animal Lover!

Meet Tommy Vinci, artist, musician, friend, and animal lover!

My friend and artist Tommy Vinci has been donating custom art to my events and shows since 2011. Once again he’s going to create another custom piece for our  Rockin’ The Ruff fundraising auction. Tommy always leaves his designs as a surprise for me. I simply give him the theme of the event and he does his thing. Here are all the pieces that he’s done for me over the years. You can commission Tommy and as you can see pets are one of his many talents. Each month he runs a Canvas and Caffeine art class at Grouchy John’s coffee shop in Las Vegas helping people release their inner artist.

Visit Tommy’s website Cartoons and Chaos

Like Tommy on Facebook

Follow Tommy on Instagram

Attend Caffeine and Canvas at Grouchy Johns July 31st @ 7pm








Sam ~ The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs




Listen live Saturdays 10am PST or listen to an archived show ~ Vegas Rock Dog Radio


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