Are You Using Products Tested On Animals?


Are you using products tested on animals?  Do you know which products to avoid? Finding cruelty free products is not the easiest of tasks that is until an amazing app was launched by the Beagle Freedom Project. I learned about this app through a guest of mine on Vegas Rock Dog Radio. Monique Hansen is a part of the movement to ban all animal testing and interviewing her was an eye opener. I learned that labs use Beagles because of their mild manner to cosmetic companies testing when testing was never a requirement.  I’ve been conscious of companies that test on animals but it was never the easiest of landscapes to navigate. However Cruelty Cutter by the Beagle Freedom Project appeared on the market and changed what was a time-consuming task to an animal lovers trusty shopping guide. Using the app is as simple as scanning the bar code on the back of the product and at lightening speed the info appears at your fingertips. The decisions as are easy to make, place it in your basket or back on the shelf.

The app tells you if it is cruelty free or not and it gives you an option to share your findings through social media. Not only are you getting an education so are the people who see your posts and tweets. I’ve already had friends download the app from seeing my shared findings. It’s an effective way for you to make changes and spread the word why animal testing must be banned. You can save animals with a single scan.


I just used the #CrueltyCutter app and learned this product is #CrueltyFree! I choose to shop ethically and make choices that do not cause animal suffering!


The Beagle Freedom Project is a community that educates, rescues lab animals, and changes how to live without animal testing. Join them today in a worthy fight to treat animals like the precious beings they are.

Listen to my show with Monique Hansen on Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Download the app today and make a difference in your life and the life of a lab animal.


Sam ~ The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs.




Listen live Saturdays 10am PST or listen to an archived show ~ Vegas Rock Dog Radio





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