The Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Needs Your Help


A friend of mine runs the Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation and in recent weeks she has found herself and her rescues dogs as a target. She was targeted by neighbours and her rescue dogs poisoned. All dogs got ill at the same time and one of them nearly died. No one wanted to believe that someone could do this to such sweet dogs who already had the terrible fate of being been dumped by their owners. But toxicology tests proved such an unforgiveable thing had indeed happened.

Not feeling safe herself and fearing for the safety and well-being of the dogs my friend has made the decision to move the rescue. On top of this situation the rescue now has a huge vet bill to pay off…thousands of dollars were easily racked up with all of the dogs being affected.

Today I would like to ask you for an act of kindness that will impact the rescue in a way that helps them move to safety and pay off the looming vet bill. These dogs need to know that we’re fighting for them.

No donation is too small and it’s the little things in life that make the difference.

Donation link: Go Fund Me



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