Mr Twix’ Product Review ~ Tall Tails Cape Pocket Towel


photo 1 Mr Twix since being saved off the streets of Las Vegas has experienced what life is like for a rock star dog! He joined my two other rock star dogs Galaxy and Thornton in a life of luxury, fun, and opportunity. One of those opportunities for Mr Twix was to participate in his very first product review. He felt that he was a perfect candidate for this product review as he’s a long-haired dog. This is what he has to say about Tall Tails Cape Pocket Towel.

Mr Twix said he particularly liked the photo of the doggy on the front of the packaging…it had a quality feel about it and made him think that he was getting a high-end product. He noted that the fabric was super soft and a pretty important thing since he was going to use it on his body.



The description on the package said it was a super absorbent fabric and Mr Twix was curious…could this possibly eliminate the need for copious amounts of bulky towels? So, off we went to get a shower. Yes that’s right we all shower together…isn’t that what all dog owners do?

So you may ask what makes this towel any different from others on the market. At a glance it does look like other towels but upon opening it you’ll understand why it will make shower and bath time much easier. First off all the Tall Tails Pocket Cape attaches around your dog’s neck. Mr Twix said it made him feel like a super hero dog. What I loved about the cape was that it stayed in place, it covered from neck to tail, it was highly absorbent, and the ability to slip my hands in the pockets made drying Mr Twix a dream.

photo 2

In a nutshell Mr Twix gave two paws up for the Tall Tails Pocket Cape that is soft, absorbent, secure, easy to use, and at $13.99 is of a great value. You can buy the Tall Tails Pocket Cape by clicking here and peruse some of their other products.

Now if a great review wasn’t enough Mr Twix wants to give a Tall Tails Pocket Cape away to on lucky reader. So, grab your leash and walk on over to our giveaway. We’re using Raffelcopter for this giveaway so make sure you complete all the mandatory items to make your entry qualifies for the giveaway.

Enter now!

photo 3

Good luck!

~ Sam The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs



2 thoughts on “Mr Twix’ Product Review ~ Tall Tails Cape Pocket Towel

    • I want to win cause I have 3 pets, all rescues! And I seriously love Mr. Twix! I’m his biggest fan! If I lived in Vegas, I would have begged Sam for him! Even if I don’t win, I’m so grateful for all Sam & Jim do to help animals! ❤


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