Beach Days in January!


Whilst eating at our favourite Thai restaurant my husband and I decided on an impromptu trip from Las Vegas to the California coast. It was a Monday night and despite having to return to Vegas by Thursday we felt we needed a quick break along with our dogs Galaxy and Thornton. The plan was to go home, pack, get to bed early and leave Tuesday morning. We had to pack not only for ourselves but also for our dogs. I have a separate travel bag for my girls that is always ready for trips such as this. Who needs to waste time grabbing items from all over the house? Their travel bag includes travel bowls, pillows, blankets, seat belts, tee shirts, coats, a first aid kit, and toys. All I had to add to their bag was fresh food, treats, and water. It is so worth being prepared as it saves you time. As planned we headed out early the next morning making frequent stops along the way and taking lots of photos. We stayed at our favorite pet friendly La Quinta in Carlsbad, San Diego. It is a newly refurbished motel, close to the beach, clean, affordable, and there are no pet fees. Those two days we spent at the beach were a shot in the arm for all of us. We had such a fun time and with eighty degree temperatures we were experiencing Summer in January. It was a super start to the year and we plan on more of those quick trips to recharge. I can never take enough photos of my girls so please enjoy the ones I took in Carlsbad and Temecula, CA.


~ Sam
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