Rally for Change


November 23rd was an important day in Las Vegas. The very first Rally for Change was held outside of our high kill city shelter the Animal Foundation. It is important to note that the Animal Foundation was formerly known as Lied and many people even long time residents were not only unaware of the name change but were not aware that it was a high kill shelter. In 2012 24,000 animals were euthanized. That’s 61% of dogs and cats that entered the shelter. You probably have your mouth wide open at reading those numbers. It evokes feeling of heartbreak, sadness, and anger. A shelter is to be a place of protection and a chance start a new chapter in a pet’s life. With our shelter there’s always the feeling of panic, dread and despair that once a pet ends up at the Animal Foundation it’s the end of the road for them.

So with that said the No Kill LV movement was born out of this need to change our shelter from high kill to no kill.
Awareness is the first step and I’m already seeing that awareness grow in the community. A supporter of NKLV created a video to give our residents a clear picture of what is happening at the shelter and how we’re going to change it.
Click here to watch this incredible video and please would share it with your friends whether they live in Las Vegas or not. The more people who see it, the more awareness it creates, the more pressure we can place on the shelter to fully, wholeheartedly, and compassionately adopt the no kill model.

I was honoured to co emcee the rally. 400 people came out in the rain….people do not go out in the rain in Vegas…unless they care about animals that is. The rain wasn’t a big deal at all, the atmosphere was positive and the feeling that we could make this change was very strong.

You would think such a positive change to no kill would be one that everyone would embrace. There are always going to be those glass half empty people. Only this morning was there a man saying we should be less concerned with the animals and focus on the irresponsible people. It’s very easy to get into a petty argument with those types. Public education is definitely one of the no kill model components and so is a shelter doing all they can to rehome the pets. The easiest way to handle these people is to recruit them. It either scares them away from actually stepping up or they get on board. If they’re so “wise” in what the solution is recruit them. My reply to the man today was, “Are you involved in the public education of pet ownership? If not I would recommend you get involved as it’s one of the components of the no kill model”. As of now I have yet to get a reply.

Despite how we feel about about the Animal Foundation our efforts to refer people to them for adoptions has been a high priority. We want people to go there first when wanting to adopt and we urge owner surrenders to go to one of the no kill rescues.
With all movements pressure and consistency is the key. They just have to know that we’re not going away until this change happens.

The rally took place in a park opposite the Animal Foundation. The park is named Freedom Park….my wish is that pets who go into the Animal Foundation all get a chance to step out of their front doors, walk across the street, and truly experience freedom over at Freedom Park.

Get involved
No Kill Las Vegas
Animal Help Alliance
Go Vegas Dog
No Kill Las Vegas video









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