Muffin’s Halo ~ Truly an angel of a product



Meet Rocky! Have you ever seen a more angelic looking face? Well Rocky is a special needs dog in that he is vision impaired. As you can see he is wearing his halo angel wings. Those angelic wings and halo are not only adorable but very instrumental in helping blind or sight impaired dogs move around in a way that keeps them safe from injury.
This product is called Muffin’s Halo The story behind the creation of Muffin’s Halo comes from an adorable dog called Muffin. Muffin very sadly lost his vision at age twelve after getting cataracts. For Sylvie, Muffin’s loving owner this gave her so much heartache as Muffin struggled to get around bumping into walls and furniture. Worried for his safety and quality of life Sylvie channeled her love and devotion for Muffin into designing a product that would keep him safe from those dangerous bumps.
After meeting the Muffin’s Halo team at Superzoo and being blown away by their product I wanted to do a product test and review. So to make this happen I reached out to my network of pet lovers to find either a blind or sight impaired dog. In steps Rocky. What were the chances of finding a dog that looked so much like Muffin? Clearly it was meant to be. After meeting Rocky and his owner Jeannie we started on the journey of getting the right size Muffin’s Halo for him. A few simple measurements later and then Rocky was sent on his way to product test.

Below are the questions I posed to Jeanie and Rocky and these were their answers.

1. How easy was it to put the Muffin’s Halo together?
The instructions could be larger

2. How was the fit for the size Halo you were given?
Good! But a little bulky.

3. How did Rocky adapt once the Halo was put on?
At first, it was awkward, then he started to move with it on. (I think this is pretty normal)

4. Did you find it would be a benefit to blind and sight impaired dogs to use the Halo?
Absolutely, yes!

5. Did you like the material the Halo was made out of?
I think it was fine, but a little bulky.

6. Would you be interested in other colours and designs?

7. Have you ever seen another product like this?
No, but I showed it to Rocky’s Ophthalmologist and he liked it.

8. Any additional points you’d like to mention? Feel free to add them here.
Just that it was unclear how to put it together.

Final Thoughts
Clearly Muffin’s Halo is a functional product, that works, that keeps your pet safe, and that Ophthalmologists are liking.
As with all products over time you will see tweaks and updates. Reviews like this from real users help companies perfect their products and I would like to thank Muffin’s Halo and Rocky for bringing you this great product and honest review. They didn’t win Superzoo’s top 8 products for no reason.


Take a look at this video as Muffin the inspiration behind Muffin’s Halo takes a trip to his Aunt Debbie’s house.
Do you have a dog or know of a dog that could benefit from wearing Muffin’s Halo? Well we have a wonderful opportunity for one lucky dog to win a Muffin’s Halo
How To Enter
Simple click this link to enter our Rafflecopter contest. Make sure you follow all the steps to qualify for the giveaway.



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