The Patty Collection


For a while I’ve been following Patty’s life from coming into the Providing for Paws Rescue to her inspiring recovery.
Patty had been skinned alive from her neck to her shoulders when she was found. You can get her full story by reading a previous post. Fast forward a few weeks and this pretty princess has now moved into her loving foster home where she has a foster brother.

Some stories just have a profound effect on you and hers was one of them for me. I’m in absolutely awe at Patty’s resilience and forever thankful to the angels who rescued her and gave her everything she needed both medically, physically, and emotionally.

Patty inspired me to help the rescue that was so kind as to give her a beautiful life. She’s known for being a princess, for her pink jacket, and most of all her pink toe nails….and there was my inspiration. A collection of pretty princess pink accessories named The Patty Collection.

Today we are launching The Patty Collection in her honour.

We have committed to donate 30% of The Patty Collection back to Providing for Paws so that they can continue the work of angels for these animals in need.



I would personally like to thank all the volunteers who make Providing for Paws what it is today and the impact they have on their community.

I would also like to thank Dee Maggio of Dee Maggio Photography for the beautiful photographs of Patty. She allowed her personality to shine and totally diminished the injuries that Patty was known for. Photographers play a huge part in showing you a much less scared side of a pet who needs a home and in turn increasing their chances of adoption.

To donate directly to Providing for Paws Rescue please click this Link


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