Do I Need New Glasses or Am I Simply Dog Crazy?

Over the past weeks I’ve had friends laughing at some funny incidents. All of them have a theme….mistaken identity. There’s one that I still laugh at because it was the funniest of episodes and all of them involve dogs.

Mistaken identity #1
My family was visiting me in Las Vegas and we were all in the car driving around Vegas. We had stopped at a red light and looked over to the grass where we were freaked out that a dog was either dead or injured laying in the grass. All of us were shocked and about to pull over when we realized it wasn’t a dog at all. It had the reddish golden colour of a King Charles Spaniel’s fur….upon closer inspection we were relieved to see that it was a piece of palm tree bark that had fallen off a tree. Oh did we laugh at ourselves.


Mistaken Identity #2
This happened just this morning as I was driving from the gym to the coffee shop. I was driving past Sunset Park in Vegas. It’s the largest park in Vegas and as many of you know parks can be a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. It was a windy day and coming towards me on the pavement was a small white dog moving rather quickly. My instant reaction was oh no a loose dog or an abandoned dog! I kept my eye on the dog until it was right by my vehicle……only to see that it was a white plastic grocery bag blowing in the wind along the street. Maybe I do need new glasses.


Mistaken Identity #3
Once again I’m in my car and this time I’m in an area that has some homes and businesses and a lot of open undeveloped desert. As I’m driving I see cars ahead of me slamming their brakes on. So I anticipate having to do the same as I get closer to them. What I saw was a large dog…very much like a German Shepherd and it ran straight across the road to the desert. There’s nothing ore scary than a dog running in and out of traffic. So I kept my eye on the dog and took a right turn onto a small road where I could see the it. I stopped my vehicle and got out to help the dog and secure it from getting injured or killed in the traffic. I get closer and closer and to my absolute surprise that big dog was a coyote. It looked young and very hungry and a little bit shaken. Coyotes are common where we live and they’ve been driven out of their natural habitat due to development. I stood there in awe of this beautiful creature yet I felt sad that it was pushed into a dangerous situation. After five minutes it looked around, looked directly into my eyes and moved quickly into the desert area.


Mistaken Identity #4
This is the one episode that when I just think about it I crack up laughing. When I posted what I’d done on Facebook my friends found it just as funny. For once it didn’t happen in my car. I was sat at home in my comfy IKEA poang chair. My dogs were by my side on their bed. I was working on my iPad and often use a cushion for an arm rest. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon and all three of us were so content. I’d been typing at lot and decided to take a rest from typing and leaned over to pet my dogs……only to find myself petting the brown cushion that had fallen off my chair! Here’s the kicker……here’s a big secret……I’ve since then done it again!


So what I’m thinking is that I am dog crazy and I do need new glasses.


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