Princess Patty


Meet Patty…..isn’t she adorable?
I’ve been following Patty’s story for over a week now. Her photo came across my Facebook newsfeed and what I saw and what I read was one of the most horrific cases of animal abuse I’ve ever seen.

This poor little girl had been skinned and stabbed and left in a park in Detroit. A kind person contacted the police and Providing for Paws rescue. What they saw was this sweet girl in the most horrendous and shocking condition they could have ever imagined. Now for a rescue to even make that statement you know it had to be bad.

Rarely will I post such a graphic photo but sometimes I feel that when there’s an emotional reaction people spring into action. Patty invoked that reaction in thousands of people who were incredulous as to what they were seeing.

So lovely Patty came into the care of Providing for Paws, a volunteer only based organization that provides low cost spay neuter, and food assistance to help pet owners keep their pets in the home. Their programmes prevent owners from dumping their pets at the rescue due to poor economic low income situations. I find this type of programme to be a valuable one that helps humans and pets. The organization soon became the go to organization when animals like Patty were needing help. They don’t say no and they show up and do everything they can. This was so apparent with Patty who has at this point received three surgeries on her little 9lb body. The surgeries and care she received were made possible by the donations from compassionate pet lovers just like you.

I was fortunate to have one of the volunteers at the rescue call in for an interview on my radio show. Her name is Jamie Chapman and boy is she ever a compassionate human being. She’s the person who has replied to every inquiry about Patty, every like and comment on Facebook. Patty now has her own community of Patty fans wishing her well and donating to Providing for Paws. She’s become an ambassador for other pets in need.

What I particularly liked about this organization is that yes Patty’s situation was dire and heartbreaking, and yes there is an open investigation into her abuse, however they shifted away from the negative in a very swift way with her story. The shift was to a positive note filled with hope, with daily updates of photos and videos, and thank yous to the community. Each day I looked for the updates and with each one my heart didn’t ache so much as the day before.

Jamie tells me she is the most resilient little girl and is showing her sassy side with a new coat and the pinkest of pink nails.

I do hope you will visit their site and see the wonderful work they are doing for the humans and pets of Metro Detroit. To follow Patty’s progress you can like her personal page and donations can be made by clicking this link

We wish you well Patty…you’re going to have a precious life filled to the brim with love and kisses!

6 thoughts on “Princess Patty

  1. I like many others feel we are Patty’s guardian angels. I have followed her journey from the first horrendous day and the fear she may not make it, to the small and sometime large triumphs she makes each day. This little girl is a symbol of the terrible things humans can do to defenseless animals. But she is also helping to make people aware and say “this needs to stop”! People need to be educated and realize that these animals hurt just as we do. And to be frustrated with life is no excuse to hurt a defenseless being. Thank you so much for writing about her and if it enlightens just one person it is worth it. And yes she is Princess Patty! : )


    • Sandra that little baby has managed to bring people together to help other dogs. Is that not amazing? You and I wouldn’t be having this conversation if it was not for her. I’m happy that I have a blog, a radio show, and a clothing company to help dogs. My clothing company will be launching a new shirt that will benefit rescues. I hope to have it ready within two weeks. You can follow my FB page for updates. My first rescue will be Providing for Paws…they don’t know it yet but they will very soon as Patty was my inspiration. The interview with Jamie Chapman will be on my site in a couple of days. It was great talking to her about Patty and their rescue. Thank you for your comment it’s great to connect with a fellow animal lover and guardian angel.


  2. I was so sad to see that first pic of Patty. Of course, on Facebook, we see way too many horrible images of abused dogs. I’ve been following Patty since the first day I saw her, and hope to keep following her journey to health and a forever home. Thank you for all that you do for her and others. You have touched my heart.


    • Danielle, there’s something about that little girl that has strengthened my resolve to do even more these babies. With each update I feel so much better about her. My radio show is one of the platforms that I use to support many rescues and will continue to do so. I have a clothing company and we’ll be launching a new shirt that will benefit rescues. I hope to have it ready within two weeks. You can follow my FB page for updates.

      Thank you for your comment I know I’m in good company.


    • Janice….I believe wholeheartedly that her abusers will pay. I feel that animal abuser laws should be so strong to truly send a message that it’s never going to be taken lightly. Justice must be served. Patty has now got this amazing community around her and I’m so glad we’re all connecting because of her. I plan to send her a care package from Vegas this week to show her that the people of Vegas have mad love for her. I keep saying to my husband….I want to adopt her….I’ve fallen in love with her. Thank you for your comment….and thank you to Patty for bringing us together. ~ Sam


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