Hands Free® Doody Free® It’s The Fifth Paw



I am very fortunate that I live in Las Vegas when it comes to one of the largest pet industry conventions in the world. I’m talking about Super Zoo. It’s a pet industry insider’s dream. Each year I look forward to networking, seeing old friends, and scoping out the newest products, in particular products that solve a problem.

One of the products I came across was The Fifth Law The Fifth Paw booth caught my eye with it’s clean, simple, bright colours and design. It was indicative of their product.

The Fifth Paw is a simple product solving a not so nice problem…doggie doody! There’s nothing more unattractive than walking around with a bag of poop in your hand as you juggle your dogs, keys, and a phone. I have two dogs Galaxy and Thornton and by the time I’ve prepared myself for the walk my hands are full. All I want to do is focus on walking my dogs and not the poop bag that fell on the ground or hoping my keys that I stuffed into my bra didn’t slip out of sight.

As I said earlier I live in Vegas and we’re wearing a little as possible in this heat so we’re not throwing on clothing with pockets that we can fill, therefore walking our dogs becomes a juggling game. Well….not anymore. Today I took The Fifth Paw out for its first walk. The product comes in three parts, simply unscrew the three parts and slide your dog leash through the appropriate opening. There are two openings that can accommodate a thin or thick leash. Once you’ve slid your leash through, screw the three parts together and you’re ready to go. Note that the orange centre piece will be free spinning, it does no lock down after you screw the end piece on. This is to prevent the bag from getting tangled in the leash.

I loaded The Fifth Paw with my poops bags and keys and I was ready to go. Off we went for our morning walk in the neighbourhood and unlike any other walk I was actually looking forward to my dogs pooping so that I could put The Fifth Paw into action. Well my dogs delivered and so did The Fifth Paw! It was easy to hang my bag of poop on one the hooks. I was now officially Hands Free® and Doody Free® and as a bonus it was a smell free zone too!


I really like this product and so will my husband, it will eliminate the arguments as to who will carry the poop.

I am sure you will like this product too. Take a couple of minutes to look at The Fifth Paw as demonstrated by Stephen the founder of The Fifth Paw The Fifth Paw Video

You can’t beat a product that solves a problem and The Fifth Paw would like to give someone the chance to win their very own Fifth Paw. Yes that’s right we’re doing a fabulous giveaway.

How To Enter
This giveaway is being hosted over on Rafflecopter, so click the link below to enter.

Enter Now
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