Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Pet Away ~ Anti-BSL RALLY with Shorty Rossi


Littlerock, CA had a tragic attack where a jogger was mauled by a pack of dogs that were roaming free with no collars or tags on them. That person did indeed die from the attack. Shortly after, a spokesperson from LA county made comments that the pitbulls were a different and dangerous type of animal. It was interpreted in the media that maybe a proposal to put the BSL into place was in order.

BSL is a breed specific legislation and basically is the discrimination of certain breeds in some states. It affects responsible owners of the breeds that the legislation deems to be dangerous. We have many friends in LA whose family pet is a pitbull. They look after their dogs just like the rest of us and give them loving homes and wonderful training. Can you imagine no longer being able to own your dog?

Thankfully there is a celebrity voice in that of Shorty Rossi for the pitbull breed in particular. Shorty has mobilized very quickly upon hearing this news and on Monday May 20th in Los Angeles is the ANTI-BSL RALLY. The rally of course is a peaceful rally where if you take your dog you will be representing the dog community in a positive way.

Shorty has created a rally page with very specific guidelines for being there to show your support. It includes event details, directions, and other important points to consider when attending the event.

Please share this information with all of your friends and networks as there is only the weekend left to spread the news of this important rally.



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