The Dogs Bark Bakery ~ For The Love Of Your Dog


We were very excited to open our 100% natural gourmet box of treats from The Dogs Bark


The first thing we noticed was that there were NO PRESERVATIVES. That was an instant plus for us as we always try and select products that are as healthy as possible for our dogs Galaxy and Thornton. So we stored them in the refrigerator. The company tells us that they have a shelf life of two months once in the refrigerator.


In our package we received the Cinnamon Rolls and the Grain Free Carrot biscuits. Both were the bark size a larger size than their bite size. When ordering select the size that your dog would prefer.


As soon as we opened the packages we had guests show up…yes that would be Galaxy and Thornton.


First up was the grain free carrot biscuit and there was no hesitation from either of the girls, not even Galaxy. She usually has to sniff and examine her food and treats. Both of them took their biscuits and ran into the other room to enjoy in privacy. Poof and they were gone. It was like a magic trick…now you see it now you don’t. Let’s say they loved them!


In a spilt second they were back for more…we gave them the cinnamon rolls. Galaxy took a minute to figure out this new smell. She’s never had cinnamon before. The minute was over and she had run away with her biscuit.
The biscuits are beautifully made, and smell so good that Jim tried the cinnamon roll himself. He highly recommends them.


We loved the packaging, it gave you feel that you were about to open a high quality product. The biscuits were packaged beautifully, it was clearly stated what you were getting on the outside, the ingredients were listed, and it was labelled to let you know to place them in the refrigerator.


A nice touch was the insertion of their menu of their products placed in the shipping box. They have adorable names for each of their products and also bake a Vegan biscuit. On the flip side of the menu is all of their company info and an explanation of what their products are all about.


Ordering is a simple as a mouse click away and shipping is free! Who doesn’t love free shipping?

With the natural food movement slowly gathering speed it’s great to see dog treat companies hopping on board. Safe and tasty treats are really important particularly with all of the pet food and treat recalls. I see the small business dog bakery becoming our trusted source for healthy, safe, and tasty treats for our pets.

Galaxy and Thornton give their full approval of The Dogs Bark Bakery. Visit their site, place your order, and look out for them at local dog events in the Granada Hills, CA area.
I hear there’s a The Dogs Bark food truck on the horizon so take a moment to like them on  Facebook to get their updates.


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