Cold Weather Walking and Traveling Tips for Your Pets


We’ll we certain had a cold snap here in Las Vegas. It’s so unusually cold that we’re having to do things differently on our walks. This cold weather also has us interested in taking Galaxy and Thornton up to Mount Charleston to experience the snow. So as responsible pet owners we’re getting prepared for the colder walks and snow.

The first thing I thought of was their feet. Hey my babies are used to being inside in the lap of luxury. They’re not accustomed to really cold weather so I know they would need some kind of booties for when we make a trip to the mountain. So I’m planning getting something that is slip resistance and not too bulky. I particularly like the Ruff Wear booties. They’re more of a sock type boot so I feel it would mimic their paws the most. They look to be very suitable for varying outdoor environments so we can use them at times other than Winter.
Ruff Wear
Wearing booties would also eliminate the problem of ice and snow balls forming on your dog’s legs. These balls can impede your dog’s mobility and cause them to limp. Another good reason to buy them.

If you’re in an area with extreme weather and de-icers and salt are frequently used on the roads and sidewalks, be prepared to clean your dog’s paws after every walk. As we know dogs lick their paws and you don’t want them to ingest any kind of chemical into their system. A warm wet cloth should do the trick.

As I said earlier our dogs are used to the warmth of the house in Winter so they definitely need a coat or sweater. As a dog clothing company I suggest that if your dog does not like a close fitting sweater opt for a loser fitting jacket. They’ll be more comfortable that way. Vegas Rock Dog

Our walks are shorter yet more frequent in the colder months so keep that in mind particularly if your dog has arthritis. Arthritis can feel a lot worse when those cold temps blow in. If you find that your dogs are really affected by the cold then keep them inside and play fun games or spend time going over commends. It will still tire them out.

If you’re driving to the mountains just as we plan to do think about the possibility of getting stuck there. You never know when the weather can take a turn for the worse. We’ve always carried extra blankets in our vehicles along with a couple of yoga mats. More about the yoga mats later. I would suggest putting a soft dog bed, blankets, plenty of water, food, treats, toys, and extra dog clothing in the car before you travel. If your dog is on medication take that too it could save it’s live if you get stranded. The bed and toys will help them feel calm as they are familiar items from home.

So yes I said yoga mats. I find them to be a fabulous barrier for your car seats. They prevent any moisture from ruining your seats because your dogs will bring in all manner of dirt and water back into your vehicle.

With a little bit of planning you can make your walks and travel with your dog more enjoyable and certainly a lot safer. Here’s to a fun Winter with your dogs!


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