Funny Bones Sponsor Highlight

Each year the Funny Bones Foundation holds it’s annual Sammy Shore’s Funny Bones All Star Comedy Jam. This event just keeps growing and we have some amazing and generous people and companies involved in it. One of those companies is K9 Carry All. I met the owner of the company through Twitter and eventually met at Super Zoo in Vegas. Never underestimate the power of Twitter and other social media platforms. So a simple tweet ended with K9 Carry All making a custom leash/collar for the Funny Bones celebrity swag bags.

We love our pets so much and getting a personalized product makes that product just extra special. The process of supplying K9 Carry All with the Funny Bones logo image, quantity, and shipping was so seamless. It was exciting to open up the box and see how wonderful they looked, the quality was beyond my expectation. Another unique aspect of the product was that is was a collar and leash in one with a hook on the end. You could use it to secure your dog, clip it to a belt while you run, or add another leash to it for extra length. Or even wear it around your neck…wink wink.

The closure was a sturdy one and had a great look too. You can buy regular retail from their store or participate in their wholesale programme if you are a company that needs a walking billboard. I see the custom logos as a great way for rescues to raise funds.

If you love a good quality product that has great function and form then you need to visit K9 Carry All. They carry many other products that I’m sure you will love too!

Thank you K9 Carry All for your support for the Funny Bones Foundation in Vegas.


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