Buddy Pays It Forward


I was so happy to see another dog inspired business pop up on the Vegas scene. Let me tell you about “Buddy Bracelets”. Las Vegas Jewels created the “Buddy Bracelet” with inspiration coming from their golden retriever, Buddy. He was a colourful character who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and passed away in 2010.

Elizabeth Parker the designer behind Las Vegas Jewels and creates gorgeous one of kind pieces of jewellery and donates 40% of the profits to a canine cancer foundation in hopes that someday, a cure will be found. In Elizabeth’s words “A cure to be found for all of the precious sweethearts out there. I’d love for their journey over the rainbow bridge to be delayed for a while, if at all possible! I’d also love to be able to donate 100%, but I’m not able to just yet. Hopefully one day!”.

40% is a large donation from each of the purchases and Elizabeth is no stranger to charitable work. You see, Buddy was a very special dog in her life. So special that she penned a book about him, “Finally Home”. It’s heart warming story about Buddy who was shuffled from home to home with his crazy antics and eventually settled in his forever home. This is where he got to be himself in true comedic fashion. It’s a story that you will love and also learn from.


Although Buddy has now crossed over the rainbow bridge where I’m sure his antics have continued on, he is still paying it forward for other dogs in need. Donations are made through this book as well as through “Buddy Bracelets”. If you love to read, love jewellery, and would like to donate through your purchases please pay a visit to both Las Vegas Jewels and Elizabeth Parker Books.

It is terribly sad when we lose one of our furry loved ones. Yet, to have them inspire us everyday is a true gift.

Thank you Buddy for paying it forward.

“Buddy Bracelets” on Etsy
Elizabeth Parker books


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