Unlocking the Secret to the LeashLocket

LeashLocket is unlike any dog leash I’ve ever seen before. The leash that doesn’t look like a leash holds a secret in its locket shape and that is a retractable leash. I know what you’re thinking, retractable leashes are nothing new…yet this leash offers you a unique function. Instead of you carrying the Leash Locket your dog carries it instead. This lightweight locket attaches to your dog’s collar with an innovative magnetic collar attachment and is also secured to the D ring. Now for someone who can build a flat pack piece of IKEA furniture with her eyes closed for some reason it took me having to ask my husband how to attach LeashLocket to the collar. The printed instructions didn’t show the steps clearly enough for me, they only showed the various parts of the LeashLocket. However once over that hurdle I got to see the benefits when we went on our first walk and visit to the dog park. It was certainly convenient to just grab and go without having to look for a leash. The leash fits in your hand and extends up to six feet in length and can withstand a force of 135 lbs. I would recommend purchasing the additional wrist strap in case you drop the leash.

My Thornton got the pleasure of using the LeashLocket which took her a while to get accustomed to. The LeashLocket she was trying out was the small size. She weighs 22lbs and I feel it was just a little too large for her collar. It was better suited to my Galaxy who is closer to 40lbs. I would like to see the company come out with a leash that the smaller breeds can wear as I feel it would be a popular size.

Walking with the LeashLocket was easy and going in and out of the dog park was even easier. My dogs get so excited when we go into the park that getting their leashes unclipped while they squirm and bark is not easy. It’s a simple and effective way to gain control of your dog, be it in a dog park or if you have a dog who is an escape artist. Although my dogs are no longer puppies it did present another use and that was potty training. I bet you can’t even count the amount of times that you clipped and unclipped your puppy to go outside to potty train.

LeashLocket comes in two different sizes and four different colours. It’s convenient, fits in your hand, offers you many benefits and this innovative and caring company helps abused and neglected pets through every sale.

So why not grab your conventional leash and walk on over to their site and pick up the LeashLocket that you dog gets to carry.


One thought on “Unlocking the Secret to the LeashLocket

  1. I am always a little skeptical about what seem like gimmicky leashes. But I can see where this leash would come in very handy for house training and quick trip where the dog may need a leash.


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