Travel Like A Pup Star


The Pet-Only Airline!

(Click image to visit PetAirways)

Travelling long distance by plane with your dog is difficult particularly if your dog is over the cabin weight requirements. I would never put my dogs in the hold of a plane. If I can’t access my dogs during the flight then it’s not a method of transportation that I’d be comfortable with. Pets are transported in the same cargo hold as baggage and this area is not ventilated, heated, cooled, or pressurized in the same manner as the cabin. These factors for me personally do not add up to a safe environment for my dogs to travel in.  There are also guidelines for weather conditions, should it be extremely hot or cold some airlines will not fly your pet, and then there are  flight delays to contend with and your pet will be in the hold during this time.

So what other options do you really have aside from driving to your destination or leaving your dog behind? Well, there’s good news…PetAirways can be your answer to travelling like a pup star. This airline is specifically for your pet…not you…but your pet. They get to travel in a way that we would be envious of.  Your pet’s journey starts with you dropping your pet off at the Pet Lounge and once in the care of  the Pet Attendant they stay with them the entire trip until they reach their destination. They are given regular potty breaks prior to boarding and once your pet boards the plane it’s made comfortable and secure. This service is top-notch and every 15 minutes the attendant checks on your pet so that they can monitor how they’re doing during the flight. After landing your pet disembarks and is given another potty break and then they meet you at Pet Lounge. This type of travel for your pet is truly luxurious.

Currently PetAirways offer flights to these cities, Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Hawthorne/Los Angeles, New York, Omaha, and Phoenix and flights start at $99.

Prior to travel you will need to visit the PetAirways site and take a look at their checklist. This will ensure that your pet is fully prepared before take off.

I can’t think of a better way for your pet to travel where they are looked after in a very special way and gives us as a pet owners absolute peace of mind. Grab your leash and walk on over to their site for more details.


The Pet-Only Airline!



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