Let’s Get Tied Up!

Let’s Get Tied Up!

Photography by Unleashed Pet Photography

Recently we added a new fashion item to our Vegas Rock Dog line. We knew it would be a popular item but had no idea how popular. There are many dogs who love to dress up and many dogs that prefer accessories over clothing. Well it seems that we’ve caught the attention of all dogs who would call themselves doganistas!

What is this fashion piece that has become a challenge for us to keep in stock? It’s the “BARK N ROLL” necktie!

The “BARK N ROLL” necktie comes in a very large range of colours and designs and in three lengths. 5″, 7″, and 10″.  Another great feature is that the neckties slide straight onto your dog’s own collar. This way your dog can still use it’s good, secure collar and be hip and cool.

Each week we add new designs and colours and our four-legged customers are buying many of our “BARK ‘N’ ROLL” ties to add to their fashion arsenal.

In the coming days we’ll be adding a new collection to our “BARK N ROLL” neckties.  The inspiration for this new line came from my British heritage and my love for my Queen, Queen Elizabeth II and the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The new name of this line is “BARKINGHAM PALACE”. Look for damask patterns, wedding colours, royal crowns, royal guards, double-decker buses, and the British Union Jack Flag!

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