Finally Home~Book Giveaway

Finally Home

Lessons On Life From A Free Spirited Dog

Book Giveaway

What lessons have you learned from your dog?

This is simple contest with deep meaning and to enter you need to grab your leash and walk on over to Author Elizabeth Parker’s Fanpage and answer the question.

What lessons have you learned from your dog?

Elizabeth will select a winner and that winner will receive her book FINALLY HOME

Contest closes March 15th @ Midnight

About Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth is an avid dog lover, and volunteers for a few dog rescue organizations, as well as donates a portion of the proceeds from all of her books to two that she strongly believe in.  One is a website that focuses on bringing awareness of cancer in canines and the other is a foundation that helps people with life-threatening illnesses find good homes for their pets.  She also donates to other rescue groups throughout the year. This year her books were featured in the Funny Bones All Star Comedy Jam, Las Vegas and celebrities such as Pauly Shore, Gilbert Godfrey, and Bobby Slayton received her books.






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