You + Dog + Photography = Helping Elijah

As many of you know I have incredible friends in the dog world and I wanted to tell you of one such friend. Claudine is the owner of Unleashed Las Vegas Pet Photography and boy does she have a love for Papillions, so much so that she is heavily involved in the rescue of these adorable dogs with the ever so pretty butterfly ears.  She is a talent beyond when it comes to pet photography and this month she is bringing a charitable element to her mini sessions for a handsome boy who is in need of surgery. The handsome boy in question is Elijah, he needs surgery for a broken leg. It has yet to be determined whether he will keep his leg but he will still need surgery no matter what the veterinarian decides is best for him.

As part of Claudine’s mini sessions on Feb 26th, $25 of your fee will be donated to Elijah’s surgery.  Claudine is taking reservations for her mini sessions and once you visit her site I know you will be eager to book your own session.  For those of you who wish to make a direct donation to Elijah please use this Chipin Link

As you well know sharing information is what helps us reach a bigger audience and if you can take a moment to share Elijah’s story with your family and friends he would greatly appreciate it and I’m sure his butterfly ears would flutter.

Claudine is a proud member of Hearts Speak an organization where artists work together to promote deeper understanding for the voiceless.

How wonderful it is that Elijah has a friend in Claudine.


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