Fashion and Function For Fido

As you probably know,  I love fashion for dogs and for the most part dressing our dogs is an extension of our own fashion sense.  However, there are some items out there that truly have a function and can benefit your dog.  Recently my little Thornton has been suffering allergies that were so severe that putting a tank top on her prevented her from taking her ever so limber back legs and scratching her sides.  She had a cone for a while to prevent chewing but it didn’t prevent her from using her back legs. So a tank top or tee-shirt can be an aid and so can boots and shoes for dogs.  Here in Vegas we experience the most extreme of heat and the pavement and asphalt retain the heat through the day. Only a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a couple with a German Shepherd and their dog started to lift his feet in pain from the heat of the parking lot.  The couple said to me “We don’t know why he does that”.  I know what you’re thinking but believe me common sense isn’t that common.  So I told them it was burning his feet and to pick him up and either choose not to bring him out in the heat or get him some boots.  Now the boots not only protect in the heat but if you walk anywhere that has rough terrain such as trails they serve to protect from anything that is rough and sharp.  I’ve looked at many version of boots and shoes and my favourite one for function is the Grip Trex design from Bark’n Boots TM.  I like how they really mimic the shape of a dog’s foot and the traction, protection, and ventilation that they offer.  They can be washed and you can purchase liners for them. They are known as the all terrain, all conditions, and all seasons boots.  If you care about the well-being of your dog and live in a hot climate or you love your trail walks these are the boots for your fido.

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