The Life of Riley!

I want to tell you about a special dog and a special family here in Las Vegas. Six months ago my husband found an abandoned puppy at McCarran Airport. He was under weight, dirty, yet incredibly friendly!

This was Riley when I first met him. We brought him home and went to work on getting him a bath, good food, and some exercise. Boy was he a lovely soul. As many of you know we have Galaxy and Thornton and we knew we would be overwhelmed with three dogs so finding him a great home was important.  We did find him a home with a friend who gave him back to us within two days citing his dogs did not like him. So on the recommendation of a friend we found another. We were very clear on when his shots needed to happen, on getting micro-chipped, diet, exercise, and most importantly was that they had to bring him back to us should they have any problems. Well thank goodness we made that last stipulation because he did come back to us a few weeks later. He didn’t come back in better shape though and we were heartbroken. The last thing I wanted for this wonderful dog was to be a boomerang…we needed him to be settled and loved. This is where my lovely friend Jill comes into the picture. Her family had lost a dog who he was a large dog so they were well equipped for a big dog. Jill, her husband, and their son came over to get to know Lucky as he had been named by one of the previous owners. Before we knew it there was a bond and Lucky was on his way to his new home. His name Lucky hadn’t really been working for him up until that point so it was time for a fresh start and a fresh name. Jill’s family has a military background so making him an official part of the family he was given a rank…non other than Private Riley Boddington Cantor.  His current rank today is Lance Corporal.  He was Private First Class when they got him, and then promoted to Lance Corporal when they got him fixed.  Only a special dog could handle a name like that!!!  As demonstrated below Riley has become quite the soccer player, and he’s a happy handsome boy!

Thank you Jill and John for changing his life.

So this story did end with Riley truly having a life of Riley!!!!!


One thought on “The Life of Riley!

  1. Awwww!! This made me smile so big! It’s truly been a blessing having Riley in our lives! He’s such a character! I put the “birthday” photo on my facebook so you see how’s he’s grown!


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