What’s In A Name? Kayloo is What’s In A Name

Kayloo our winner.

Selecting a winner was difficult to say the least. However there was one story that stood out for us and that was Kayloo’s story submitted by Shauna. It was a lovely tribute to Kayloo’s amazing foster parent.  As we all know fostering a dog  is not easy and caring for a dog that you know will go to another home is hard emotionally.

Kayloo: The adoption society had named Kayloo “Laloo.” I thought this was difficult to say so we wanted to change it. The woman who fostered Kayloo, took her home for Christmas, checked us out to make sure we were suitable dog parents and cried when she had to say goodbye to her for the last time was named “Kay.” So we put “Kay” and “Laloo” together: Kayloo


Congratulations Kayloo and thank you Shauna for your story.

We loved all of your stories so much that we  would like to feature all of our entrants on our blog. To be featured simply email a photo of your dog or you and your dog.


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