What’s In A Name Contest?

Enter our contest to win a Vegas Rock Dog bandanna from our metallics line before we launch it on our website.

Contest ends Sunday May 23rd at midnight.

This contest is simple and has two parts to it.

Part #1 – Post a comment stating your dog’s name is and the story behind your dog’s name.

Part #2  – Tweet out the following sentence on Twitter

“I just entered the What’s In A Name Contest at Vegas Rock Dog. You should too!” @vegasrockdog http://www.vegasrockdogblog.wordpress.com

My dogs Galaxy and Thornton the Vegas Rock Dog’s were named after English chocolates.


5 thoughts on “What’s In A Name Contest?

  1. Kayloo: The adoption society had named Kayloo “Laloo.” I thought this was difficult to say so we wanted to change it. The woman who fostered Kayloo, took her home for Christmas, checked us out to make sure we were suitable dog parents and cried when she had to say goodbye to her for the last time was named “Kay.” So we put “Kay” and “Laloo” togeher: Kayloo 🙂


  2. Gus is a 75 pound melting pot of a pound puppy we adopted from orange county florida animal control 6 months ago. We actually named him by chance before we adopted him. We were already taking home a 9 year old female lab mix and really didn’t want a young male because we already have a 10 year old choco boy. But this odd looking shepherd mix’s cage was across from the female we were waiting for. He was picked up as a stray so he didn’t have a name or any history but he was friendly and charming and quick to hand you his paw. My husband and I were having drinks at a local pub and ran into some friends who told us they recently had a baby. My husband thought they said their baby’s name was Gus (it wasn’t) and I looked at him and said “Gus would be a great name for a baby boy shepherd”. I went to the county the next day and put in an application. We took Gus and the female labbie, who we named Gracie, home on Nov 12, 2009 and are now one big happy family!


  3. Kenny is our little doxie boy that we adopted last year. He had the name Oliver when we met him, but wouldn’t respond to it when we tried to get his attention. We tried a few names, but he didn’t seem to care for any of them, until we called him Kenny and he ran right over to us. So now it’s evolved into KennyBoBenny, but occasionally we call him Turd Ferguson when he gets into trouble. He is a dachshund after all.


    • Thanks for entering love your story and the name Kenny.
      I once asked my Galaxy if she was a little ninja and she responded by jumping all over me…you never know what response you’ll get…lol.


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