Twitter and Pete’s Dueling Pianos Working in a Charitable Way for Las Vegas Dachshunds

A great friend of mine Beth and a true friend to the Las Vegas pet community was a lucky winner through Twitter today. She was fortunate to win a customer appreciation party for 100 people at Pete’s Dueling Pianos in Las Vegas. After chatting about the party we felt it would be cool to make it a Tweetup since that was the way in which Beth won the party.  Then the conversation turned into being charitable and why not take the opportunity of having pet lovers make a difference and give a helping hand to one of the hardest working rescues in Las Vegas. So from Pete’s Dueling Pianos wonderful customer appreciation party there was also another a pay it forward to help others.  The chosen rescue was the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue. There are many pet charities in Las Vegas but a lot of the hard working smaller rescues are often overlooked as their exposure is not as prominent as some of the larger rescues who tend to have more funds to advertize. So with that said in the matter of an evening Beth who is the proud owner of  The Culinary K9 and Vegas Rock Dog cooked up a fantastic evening to raise funds through Pete’s Dueling Pianos customer appreciation party and THE CULINARY K9 & PALS Tweetup 2 Benefit the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club & Rescue

Between Beth and Sam the owner of Vegas Rock Dog and their generous pet loving friends and business associates they in a matter of hours had sponsors donating to the raffle. The proceeds from the raffle will directly benefit the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club & Rescue. If you are interested in donating a product or service to the raffle you can email


RSVP Through Twtvite

RSVP Through Facebook

Current Sponsors List

Vegas Rock Dog @vegasrockdog

Inspired by Claire Jane @inspiredbycj

Las Vegas MINX @lasvegasminx
Carls Jr of Las Vegas @carlsjrofvegas
Green Doggie Bags @greendoggiebags
Dawn Tuer at Cielo Salon and Spa
Diane’s Dog Resort and Day Care
Slidin’ Thru Gourmet Sliders
Unleashed Pet Photography
Blue Man Group

If you cannot attend and want to donate to the rescue click this link and scroll down to the donate section.
The Organizers

The Culinary K9 is a large part of the pet community and a fantastic female owned business. They are the premier dog treat company in Las Vegas…check out their site here
Vegas Rock Dog is the original line of rock ‘n’ roll clothes for hip dogs and humans, where they have a strong celebrity following.
Event Flyer


One thought on “Twitter and Pete’s Dueling Pianos Working in a Charitable Way for Las Vegas Dachshunds

  1. Sounds great Sam: I’ll offer 3 gift certificates for a weeks’s dog boarding each.

    I’ll e-mail you tomorrow the certificates and a picture for the sponsor list above.

    When is the event as I definitely want to attend?


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