Lexee & Rocky-A Rocky Start-To Rockin’ Lives

These two beautiful jet-black, eleven-week old pug puppies caught my attention when they were tweeted about on Twitter. They were born back in March as part of a large litter where there wasn’t enough room for all nine babies to develop normally. Lexee and Rocky suffered as a result and were both born with deformed front legs; Lexee had one bad leg and little Rocky couldn’t use either of his front legs. The puppies were turned over to Pug Rescue of San Diego County where they were indeed  given a chance at a normal life.
Suzi Schutzman, Pug Rescue’s Adoption and Medical V. P, took the brother and sister to Dr. Serdy at the Pet Emergency Clinic in El Cajon for evaluation. It was determined that both dogs had genetic dislocation of the front limbs and needed costly surgeries.  The surgeries thankfully were a reality for L & R and were successful yet costly and ran close to $4,000. Despite the fact that they didn’t have the best start in life, the Pug Rescue is determined to give them a new beginning so they can be adopted into loving, forever homes. Pug Rescue of San Diego County is dedicated to saving Pugs – young and old, healthy and sick, disabled, abandoned, and in need. It is your generous donations that will help Pug Rescue of San Diego County give all these puppies the full and happy lives they deserve.
The rescue is still short $4,000 needed to continue on this path of saving and improving the lives of pugs, so if you can help, please go to their website at: www.pugbutts.com and donate for Lexee and Rocky – a donation of any size helps! Should you wish to follow their progress on Twitter you can follow @pugsandiego by clicking on this link. I have a feeling these siblings will be making more good news and we will keep you posted as we learn more.

9 thoughts on “Lexee & Rocky-A Rocky Start-To Rockin’ Lives

  1. The Pug Rescue of San Diego County is the most wonderful organization.
    Thank you for posting this story to help them help their pugs!
    🙂 Melissa and Emmitt


    • I was just taken by Lexee and Rocky when I read their story. They even looked adorable in their casts. I just know they will move into a great home…with faces like that who resist them. I intend to blog more about the organization as it obvious that they run the rescue with the biggest of hearts.


  2. Thank you so much! I am honored to be on PRSDC’s Board and we are really proud and humbled when stories like that of Lexee and Rocky have happy endings. Thank you so much for this article, and for sharing the story of these little darlings. They deserve a good life and we are so glad to be part of making it happen.


    • I was so touched by the story and although I hear about stories like theirs everyday they touched my heart. Any time you need to put a story out or news please let me know I would be delighted to blog about it for you. I can’t wait to see how their little lives unfold.


  3. Thanks for posting this. While we are dedicated to helping as many pugs as we can finances are always tight. When you can even if it is small please donate to our organization. Or better yet visit our web site and come to our events, they a blast and you will see our hard work in motion. Lexee and Rocky are doing great, they will actually be at our PugK event at Tidelands this month for everyone to see and meet. Suzi Schutzman VP adoptions and Medical for Pug Rescue of San Diego


    • You know it a tough time right now with donations down yet the need for donations is rising due to so many abandoned dogs. I’m going to be blogging more about the rescue as it is obvious that there are so many truly amazing people involved.


  4. When Suzi came over to my house and we put Lexee and Rocky on the floor to play, it broke my heart to see them hobbling and scootching across the floor, trying desperately to get around like normal puppies. They didn’t know they were disabled, but we knew that if the condition was not taken care of, the quality of their lives would be greatly diminished. We are so lucky to have a wonderful community of people who, without question, wanted to help these two pups. Thanks so much for posting their story. There is more to come!


  5. I love those puppies immensely!
    I want to say thank you to the owners of Rocky and Lexee and to PUG RESCUE!
    Without you, I don’t know how we could have afforded those surgery’s. Those dogs belonged to my mom but I loved them just as much with all my heart. She told me that they both got adopted and I’m so grateful that you kept them together!
    I would love to attend a Pug K sometime! I don’t know when one will be, but I’d love to bring my pugs so Rocky and Lexee could meet their parents!
    Thank you all again for being so amazing!!


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